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Way, way better than PhotoShop

I have used PhotoShop and GIMP interchangeably for many years and this beats both of them hands down. The interface is comfortable and familiar but somehow just better. Also, the sheer quality and quantity of tutorials they provide on their web site is outstanding. Every question I have had so far I was able to resolve using their web site. Excellent work!!!

Doesn’t change image size properly.

Adding text to pictures is horrible experience. Let me make this short and to the point, use affinity and then get a copy of pixelmator, then CHANGE YOURS TO THE WAY THERE’S WORKS. Simple and effective. Affinity is torture as far as adding text goes. Also, I can’t figure out why simply increasing the size of a photo reduces the quality of the text in the photo. This doesn’t happen with pixelmatr either. Ya, I’m wondering the same thing you are, why did I switch.

Exceptional and user-friendly !

I can’t believe the quality and the speed of the adjustments. You can instantly see the results and you don’t have to apply it… unbelievable ! It opens instantly and you can start tweaking right away… no wasted time waiting ! When you add an adjustment, it automatically becomes a Layer… fantastic ! Quite a piece of software, for the price… I’m impressed ! Keep up the excellent work… I’m a big fan of Serif Labs, now !

No manual

Baought this app on 2015, promised to provide a manual - non yet.

Photoshop replacement? Yes and no.

I have been using Affinity Photo for about six months now, and I find that I go to Photoshop less and less often. I have read complaints that it is missing this or that feature, or that it crashes on occasion, and of course this is true. For that matter, Photoshop crashes on occasion too, and it could be argued that it has too many features! Affinity Photo (AP) is a new product, and as such still have some growing pains, but it also has some distinct advantages. For example, all the filters work in 16-bit per channel. Admittedly I have Photoshop CS 5, so this may be different on Photoshop CC, but I always hated to convert an image to 8-bits per channel just so I could use a particular filter. Photoshop had years to get all the features that it currently has, but it also carries with it a lot of historical baggage that isn’t all good. I read one review where the reviewer was upset that AP wasn’t a replacement for Lightroom. It doesn’t claim to be a cataloging program, but Lightroom and AP can be made to work together reasonably well. In fact, I find that for most purposes, Lightroom works better with AP that it does with Photoshop CS 5. You just have to learn how to make it work and I have no doubt that the AP programmers will be improving this over time. I have read complaints about it’s cropping and it’s resizing, but I have used those features with out any of the problems described. Perhaps it is the learning curve. It does have a different User Interface than Photoshop, so that means you have to figure things out. I never heard anyone say that Photoshop is “intuitive” or “User Friendly”, with the occasional exception of the Photoshop junkie who has forgotten how hard it was to learn. If you are an old hand at Photoshop, then you will need to pay attention to a new ways of doing things. If they just cloned Photoshop’s UI, Adobe would be suing them shortly. If you are new to photo editing then there is a lot to learn, but that’s a good thing. Simple programs do simple things. Take some time, visit the Affinity Photo Forums and their Tutorial video library. The tech support on their forums is helpful and responsive. The bottom line is that Photoshop is a much more mature program that costs a heck of a lot more ($120 a year in a photography subscription with Lightroom) vs. $50 for a complete license of AP. Certainly AP is not completely equal to Photoshop yet, but the comparison is a serious one, and Adobe should be worried, as there will be an AP version coming for Windows soon. At the price, it’s worth a look for any serious photographer.

Worth Every Penny

With some free tutorials on YouTube (and some really great and cheap courses on Udemy) Affinity Photo is more than worth it. Powerful program once you learn how to use it properly.

User Inface is too tiny and very crowded

I spent much of last night trying to do some photo learning exercises plus create a collage. I got it done, but I had a lot of trouble seeing the icons, buttons, etc. I am using an iMac with a 27” screen. For what I was doing Photoshop Elements is easier. Apple may like it, but it has way too much stuff on it screen.

Great Photoshop Replacement

I shoot raw with a Canon DSLR and have found Affinity photo to pretty much have a similar adjustment and editing prowess as compared to PS. The workflow is a bit different, and different tools are used in a different order to produce a siimlar effect as compared to Camera Raw, but in the end, the result is the same, with the exception that I feel good about putting my money towards a small competitor. Of course, there are a few components missing, but I believe they are non-essential, at least for me as a hobbyist and part time paid amateur.

NOT Quite PhotoShop Quality But Close

I am disappointed in the Blemish Brush Tool, which I use to fix a lot of my old ancestor’s photos. It’s not very quick nor responsive, as with PhotoShop. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to work at all, and starts ading more dots in the same area. Using the Healing Brush Tool, I can make do with repairs I need to do, though it’s not the most ideal. I can click on a lot of small “blemishes” or imperfections with PhotoShop very quickly, not so with this app’s brush. That being said, I do like the Haze Tool a lot, and also the Median Brush Tool that takes takes some of the graininess from the photos and smooths them out. I actually do like the layout of this app, better than Photoshop. The tools are easier to find (I’ve not yet memorized many keyboard shortcuts). It is annoying though that the top menu bar keeps disappearing from view. There may be a way to change the behavior, but I have not found out where as yet. I have found that I can pretty much do most of the typical edits for old photos that I can do in PhotoShop. I don’t use LightRoom, so to pay $9.95 a month just to use the PhotoShop app is pricey. I may find myself migrating more and more to using this app, IF they can fix the responsiveness of the Blemish Brush Tool.

Absolutely The Best!

Absolutely The Best! Hands down The best support. Engineers whom listen to creatives? Hell yes!!! It just keeps getting better! An Adobe buster!

Lots of good reviews for a reason

I used Affinity Photo for about a year now and can report I am quite pleased with the app. I was concerned nothing could replace my previous photo manipulation software but was enticed by a video of certain features I use a lot. I can say I have dumped my other software and have had no need to reinstall it. I read a lot of reviews with mostly small complaints or very specific needs and I have seen Affinity address and fix all of these issues quite rapidly. Great job Affinity developers! Thanks for an intuitive, quick app!

One word: Wow!

Before purchasing this app, I read quite a few reviews and read a number of blog articles. I really wanted not just a good photo editing app, but great one. I’ve been a fan of Adobe for years, but their move to the over-priced subscription model didn’t work for me as a full-time web developer and only part-time designer. After reading everything I could find, I was cautiously optimistic. Wow! What a nice piece of software! I have quickly found Affinity Photo’s interface to be a bit easier to work with when completing tasks to generate web images. I simply cannot stress enough how much I appreciate the straight-forward UI. I enjoy using the software more and complete tasks faster than I did in the other photo app. Now, I can’t wait for Affinity Publisher to come out! I work on a number of documents and really want to replace…well, you know.

Great application! Love

I think this is a great application - this has been one of the easiest graphics programs for me to learn. I consider myself to be a hobbyist in the graphics world so for my needs, it gets everything that I’d need to get done without have to pay subscription fees like the Adobe product lines (I’ve also purchased Designer and looking forward to their page layour application). I also really enjoy the fact that it’s relatively intuitive so I was able to get a lot done in a fairly short amount of time when I first purchased the program. I’ve had this application for quite a while now and am very pleased with it.

Incredible value, real PhotoShop replacement

I canceled my Adobe CC membership because Affinity has released a better PhotoShop and Illustrator option for a fraction of the cost. I have been using both Photo and Design by Affiity for the past year and have yet to find a reason to miss Adobe and it’s crappy subscription. Love the quick startup and response of Affinity Photo. Great UI and familiar shortcuts.


Start worrying Adobe. This is one of the best photo editing apps. on the market. @Pakeha29 Affinity Publisher is for 2016 et à thome58, merci pour ton avis débile !!!

Absolutely Awful

This application is almost as bad as Gimp when compared to Photoshop, I’m not sure how it got even one 5 star rating. No tool works in a usable way and it also cannot really use many photoshop plugins. This product feels more like an alpha version than a 50 € app.

Finally a photoshop replacement

... faster, leaner and meaner and without a stupid cloud subscription. Have not regreted my purchase in any way. It works well with Affinity Designer too. I can finally ditch Adobe Cloud for good.

suprised and happy

I was searching for something that could help me dealing with my photos. I learned how to use photoshop so i wanted to buy it in the first place. But glad i din’t that application is just awesome ! It has the same features and its’s a lot cheaper !


I used it in the beta and I love it! I just buy it and this is a great choice! Thanks serif! Great job! :D

Fantastic app!

I started using this app in its ßeta days, which has just expired. I didn’t hesitate to pick this app up. It is a really good photo editing app. The really big thing that impressed me was how easy it is to delete parts of a photo. As with any new app, there is a learning curve to figure out all the features, but this one will be well worth the effort to become a master. Get it before they put the price up.

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